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 Catherine Giordano

Public Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker



What Ifs, If Onlys and So Whats: A look at the universal longing for do overs and the importance of accepting choices

The Amazing Gift of Laugher: Using laughter to foster physical emotional, social, and spiritual well-being
All About Apologies ... and Forgiveness: A humorous look at how to apologize followed by a serious discussion of forgiveness

A Story of Love: A  retelling of a Native American folk tale about love and what the story teaches us about relationships

A Memo to ET: A slide presentation and a poetic description of the beauty of our planet, the acheivements of the human race. and the power of love

Motto for Life: How to change your life by finding your motto and living by it, with examples of the mottos of famous people
Deconstructing Happiness: A review of philosophy, science, literature, and the wisdom of famous people on the subject of happiness

If You Can't Move Mountains, Soul Try Nudging Molehills: How to achieve your goals and accomplish big tasks bit by bit

Pascal's Wager: Is it a Good Bet?: The pros and cons of betting on the existence of a deity and being cured of disbelief  (as Pascal put it)

Soul Talk: The history of the soul concept, how the concept evolved, and how science shows us that the soul does not exist

No, John, There is No Santa Claus: A humorous story of how a young boy finally stopped believing in Santa Claus followed by a discussion of how this relates to belief in God 
The Accidental Kidnapper: The challenges of adopting the older child for both parents and the child--A very personal and moving story 
The Tao of Balanced Energy: The path to wellness through healthy eating,the value of a plant centered diet and exercise, with practical suggestions
Unleash Your Inner Poet: ​A poetry workshop appropriate for beginners and more experienced poets. A discussion of  technique followed by writing and positive critiques.

Your Choice of Topic: A speech, talk, or presentation can be created specifically for your group.